It never fails, every year, as soon as we approach 100º, HVAC companies are flooded with calls from homeowners that believe their systems are not working because they aren’t cooling like they are accustomed to or they are not cooling down in the heat of the day. This is very common especially for upstairs systems, homes with vaulted ceilings or a lot of windows.

While it may seem as if your system is not working, it is probably doing all it can during extreme temperatures. Many people at this point will ask why systems are not designed for higher temperatures.

The short answer is, you can’t design a system to operate efficiently in the extremes and also have it work well in the averages. So we have to sacrifice during a few days of extreme temperatures in order to be comfortable the rest of the year.

In this video Shawn McGraw discusses this topic and gives tips to keep cool when it gets hot.

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