7aba3712119043119bd7896c6a20abc3Preventive Maintenance

I want to thank you for the opportunity to prove the worth in the quality, care, attention to detail and professional work ethic AVAC can provide to your facility in regards to your HVAC units and overall comfort within your walls. To demonstrate our appreciation for choosing AVAC we offer 15% off our already low labor rates for the term of your maintenance agreement, this includes the labor of your maintenance agreement and any additional issues that may occur during the term of the agreement. Furthermore, our preferred customers take priority in dispatching should problems arise in the heat of the summer or a cold winter snap. However, expediting dispatch is rarely necessary as our comprehensive inspections on your units will usually catch and bring to your attention any issues before they compound into a large and costly problem. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss in further detail the benefits in choosing AVAC to service your facility. In addition I am eager to remedy any unresolved issues you may be having with your air conditioning and heating units.

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Description of Our HVAC Preventive Maintenance Services

Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

Inspect for proper operations. Check temperature split, refrigerant levels, metering devices, filter driers, and reversing valve.

Unit Casing

Inspect, ensure all panels & screws are secured, clean out debris, and inspect panel gaskets.

Coils & Refrigerant Lines

Inspect for rubbing lines and leaks, chemically clean condenser coils (annually).

Air Filters

Replace air filters. (if requested)


Inspect, clean, lubricate, inspect capacitors, check for proper voltage, check amperage, check rotation.

Pulleys & Belts

Inspect/ align pulleys; replace belts annually.

Blower Wheel, Blades, Bearings

Inspect, clean, lubricate.

Traps, Drain Lines, and Pans

Clear and clean out.

Electrical wiring & Connections

Inspect, secure and tighten.


Clean, check oil, check winding insulation, check for proper voltage, check amperage.


Check for proper voltage. Inspect contactors, transformers, relays, and safety controls for wear and proper operations. Check thermostat for proper calibration and ops.


Clean, inspect, and adjust burners. Inspect gas lines and fittings. Monitor and adjust gas pressures as required. Inspect heat exchangers, ignition and safety controls.


Inspect for proper operations. Check controls, check minimum position, clean fresh air screens.